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Golf Ventures, since its inception in 1986, has been Florida’s one-stop maintenance supply company for the golf course industry. Golf Ventures joined the Meadowbrook family in 1998 and has the industry advantage and leadership to be the premier provider and partner for the Meadowbrook Golf properties as well as the National Golf Course industry.

Customer Service

The secret to Golf Ventures success comes from understanding that each course is unique and requires individual care. Golf Ventures goes beyond the traditional maintenance standards by providing programmed personalized customer service for each golf course that assures 100% customer service satisfaction. From here, Golf Ventures partners with superintendents to help identify any agronomic issues and prescribe the most timely and cost-effective way to help solve their problems. With our 225 years of combined agronomic experience, Golf Ventures has the industry advantage and leadership to be the premier provider of quality products to the national golf course industry.

Vendor Partnerships

Golf Ventures values their partnerships with our vendors. With partnerships which include Helena Plant Protectants and Fertilizers, Select Source, Brandt, Sunniland, Life Soils, Par-Aide and Standard Golf Accessories and selected high quality agronomic specialty product companies, Golf Ventures ensures their customers are receiving the highest quality products, service and agronomic support.

Golf Ventures long tenure with its vendors shows that all are dedicated to the partnership that they have formed to provide continued relationships and great product stewardship to our customers.


Golf Ventures new product lines include Sunniland Fertilizers, Comand from Life Soils, Brandt, and Select Source T&O products.


Golf Ventures, always on the cutting edge of technology, promotes its website, golfventures.com, as an electronic catalog providing up-to-date agronomic support to the golf industry. MSDS sheets and labels are available for chemicals and fertilizers along with monthly specials, new products and company information. The electronic catalog with 24-hour access, allows the golf course superintendent to place orders, browse the site for agronomic reference materials, request additional information on specials, new products and features at their convenience.

Corporate Team

Ron E. Jackson, CEO and President of Meadowbrook Golf, Inc.
Glen Thompson, Sales Team Manager


Golf Ventures
5385 Gateway Blvd STE 12
Lakeland, FL. 33811
800-330-8874 (phone)
(863) 667-0888 (fax)



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