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Since 1994, International Golf Maintenance, ("IGM") has been recognized as the industry leading outsourced golf course maintenance company. As a subsidiary of Meadowbrook Golf, no other golf maintenance company has the depth of expertise and experience in golf maintenance, management, or supply.


At IGM, we realize that creating the perfect playing field requires time, dedication, integrity, and expertise. From Maine to Florida, the Caribbean, and all the way to California, more golf course owners have turned to IGM to help outline and define their specific golf course maintenance needs than any other solution.




  International Golf Maintenance has set the standard in supplying turnkey solutions for golf course maintenance operations nationwide. The Company’s success is a direct result of its agronomic services and people, operating together from a foundation of solid business principles.


Working on a fixed-fee basis, IGM can guarantee the delivery of a quality golf product within a specified budget. By providing every property with a menu of course condition options, the operator is able to choose those services that best suit their competitive and budgetary needs.


In addition to services focused on enhancing a course’s overall appearance and playability, IGM assumes full accountability for course maintenance and processes year round.


Consequently, owners are more able to focus their efforts on their day-to-day responsibilities, which include growing their business and improving profitability. This process provides a more tactical approach to enhancing client and market share position.


IGM strives to be an advocate of the environment and understands the impact and effect of golf course operations. All IGM maintained facilities are immediately enrolled, upon start date, in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, administered by Audubon International, which incorporates planning and implementation of environmentally friendly programs into its daily operations.

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The Win / Win Solution

Reduce golf course maintenance costs, improve conditions and grow rounds with an IGM contract.  Contact us for further information.

Reduce Golf Course Maintenance Costs
It is no secret that golf course maintenance costs have sky-rocketed over the last decade.

To counteract higher maintenance costs, IGM has developed the most efficient and advantageous programs in the golf course maintenance industry. Most often, IGM customers experience reduced golf course maintenance costs when compared to their prior golf course maintenance budget – without having to sacrifice course quality.



Unique Golf Course Maintenance Services
In today’s uncertain and challenging times, golf course maintenance services from IGM provide the best value and course conditions.


Working within set golf course maintenance budget parameters, IGM facilitates the planning and execution of the day-to-day agronomic operations to ensure the best possible golf course conditions. This process gives golf course operators a new freedom that enables them to focus on running their golf course to its fullest potential – and have complete confidence in course conditions and customer satisfaction.


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