Meadowbrook Golf Corporate Overview

Meadowbrook Golf is committed to providing excellence at each level of course operations.
      Our success is based upon expertise across all golf course operations. 

At the heart of our operation is a staff of skilled professionals committed to helping each property maximize its potential by focusing on a number of key goals and strategies.

These include:
  • Assembling a team of golf industry and agronomic experts
  • Leveraging long standing relationships with partners, vendors, and associations
  • Using cutting edge products and technology where appropriate
  • Setting and implementing hospitality industry standards for service
With specialized services from feasibility, project design and development, operational management, outsourced golf course maintenance, and maintenance products, Meadowbrook offers a cost competitive solution to each of its customers.  At Meadowbrook Golf, we’ve set a standard for excellence unmatched in the industry. 



Leading the New Tradition in Golf

Meadowbrook Golf has assembled a team of knowledgeable professionals to take advantage of the increasing opportunities in the golf industry. Recent developments resulted in the supply of golf facilities exceeding demand in many locations nationwide, yet the game continues to be an integral part of the American and worldwide leisure culture.


Meadowbrook believes golf is a game of a lifetime, with the greatest future of any participative sport or leisure activity in the world.


As our tagline indicates, Meadowbrook’s vision is to “Lead the New Tradition in Golf.” In the future, success in the golf industry will require doing many things differently than in the past. The Company’s primary focus is to provide the best maintained golf facilities with the finest greens and tees coupling it with a hospitality-driven approach to player and customer experiences. This focus, through talented employees and sophisticated systems, has resulted in creating “The Meadowbrook Difference” in golf courses throughout the country.


We found that applying consistent business principles and systems to golf course maintenance, supply, marketing and management results in new success in a business steeped in tradition. To ensure financial success, Meadowbrook believes in keeping the tradition of golf a top priority as it adds solid business foundations.