Meadowbrook Golf Course Management


Golf Couse Management Experts

Meadowbrook Golf has set an industry standard by providing a number of specialized services that encompass each stage of golf course management. With specialized services ranging from initial feasibility, project design and development to operational management, Meadowbrook delivers a cost competitive solution to each of its clubs.


 To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Meadowbrook has established “Best Practice” methodologies throughout its golf management operations all courses are operated and measured based on these standards. Customer and employee satisfaction, performance measurement, leadership and team building are all given priority assessment. The result? Enthusiastic, well-trained staffs that feel like part of the solution and are eager to make each property a success.


 In the end, what matters most is the experience of each customer who visits a Meadowbrook club or course. It is an experience of first-class service customers have come to expect from Meadowbrook properties nationwide and one we are proud to provide.


To accomplish success on all levels, Meadowbrook relies on its highly skilled and diverse professionals to drive each property to its fullest potential by:

  • Uniquely identifying and marketing the property’s strongest attributes for course success – “Marketing and packaging golf’s future.”
  • Establishing and implementing hospitality-industry standards for customer service with friendly attitudes throughout –“The shortest distance between two golfers is a smile.”
  • Ensuring quality control at each course resulting in the best greens, tees, and the most attractive landscaping – “Eighty percent of players ‘value equation’ happens in these areas.”
  • Executing integrated marketing, electronic marketing,  social media, and public relations campaigns to increase customer awareness and loyalty –“In many respects golf is a neighborhood business.”
  • Providing the best possible “golf-experience” for every customer establishing a Meadowbrook standard –“The 100-yard zone of the clubhouse is special.”
  • Creating a lifestyle enhancement experience – “Quality learning and teaching facilities.”

Basing its leadership standards on trust, respect and teamwork, everyone from the General Manager to the bag-drop attendants understand that employees are the key to success.   As a result, customers visiting a Meadowbrook Golf managed facility can be assured that every customer experience will be approached in a manner that exceeds expectations.

No Add On Fees

All services are included in our standard golf course management agreements - no add on fees.  Can your golf course management company claim that?

Meadowbrook Specializes In

• Golf Course Management
• Turnaround Management
• Facility and Operations Evaluation
• Consulting
• Golf Course Acquisition / Due Dilligence
• Construction Management
• New Course Openings
• Assistance on Ownership Transition


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Golf OPS Team
The Meadowbrook Golf Operations Support Team is a group of professionals with expertise in all aspects of golf operations and management.  The diverse backgrounds complement each other, allowing the team to view every challenge from many different angles.


The Golf OPS Team has the expertise to determine what needs be done and the authority to move quickly and decisively.


Each course is individually analyzed, from rates to processes and course maintenance. Every aspect of a facility is evaluated with long-term profit being the primary objective.  The Golf OPS Team then works with on-site course staff to make necessary revisions to help the club achieve that objective.


When any Meadowbrook Golf course needs assistance, a simple phone call or email brings immediate attention.


As a member of the Meadowbrook Golf family, your course is part of the most effective golf network available. Meadowbrook Golf is large enough to provide the resources you deserve, but small enough to support you with the customized attention you need to be successful.